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agricultural producers association of saskatchewan

apas internet speed test
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The data collected will help establish a baseline for internet service levels in the province and help APAS advocate for improvements.


The RM of Sutton is a proud member of the Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan (APAS). 


The Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan (APAS) is Saskatchewan’s farm policy and advocacy organization. APAS provides farmers and ranchers with a democratically-elected, grassroots, non-partisan voice. APAS was created to represent the views of all Saskatchewan producers on key policy issues, and has been the united voice of thousands of agricultural producers in Saskatchewan since 2000. APAS represents Saskatchewan as a member of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) and advocates on behalf of Saskatchewan producers to all levels of government.


APAS’ work is divided into the focus areas of Crops & Transportation,  Economics & Trade, Land & Environment, Livestock, Rural Life, and Young Agricultural Producers.  More information is available here.

member discounts & special pricing

As APAS members, the ratepayers of the RM of Sutton have access to special pricing and discounts with several businesses and service providers. 


Ratepayers receive an APAS membership rewards card in the mail with their tax notices every August. 


More information is available here.

Image by Fabian Blank

newsletter & publications

The APAS in Action newsletter provides updates on APAS’ work and wins on agricultural research, policy, and advocacy. 


You can sign up for the email newsletter here.


APAS also publishes its Saskatchewan Farmers’ Voice magazine, featuring stories about Saskatchewan producers, important agricultural issues, rural life, agronomy, business and APAS activities. 


Back issues can be found here.

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