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The Rural Municipality of Sutton No. 103 has 6 divisions. One councillor is elected to represent each division, and the reeve is elected to act as head of Council.

The communities of Mazenod and Palmer are also governed by the RM, and are represented by the councillors for their respective divisions.

The Municipalities Act broadly empowers Saskatchewan municipalities to pass bylaws "to govern the municipality in whatever manner the council considers appropriate,within the jurisdiction provided to the council by law."

A selection of current bylaws of the Rural Municipality of

Sutton No. 103 can be found here.

In 2020, elections will be held for the offices of:

  • Reeve

  • Councillor for Division 1

  • Councillor for Division 3

  • Councillor for Division 5

Information on how to vote and how to run for office, as well as important dates for the 2020 election and more, can be found here.

The Council of the RM of Sutton meets on the

second Thursday of each month. 

Regular meeting dates may change, with notice, particularly during seeding and harvest.

This year's schedule of regular meeting dates can be found here.

Taxes for the year are levied in early August.  You will typically receive your tax notice by the end of the second week of August.

Assessment notices are sent out in April, only to ratepayers whose assessment has changed since the previous year.

For information about tax discounts, appealing your assessment, and more, click here.

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