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hay salvage and ditch mowing

Hay can be salvaged at any time during the spring and summer months.

Hay must be cut at a uniform height in ditches and bales must be placed at least eight metres away from the shoulder of the highway.

The Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure may remove and dispose of hay bales if locations are deemed unsafe for drivers.


Participants are advised to contact their local ministry office to provide contact information and limits on where they are salvaging hay. This will help to avoid disputes and better coordinate with other activities that may be happening within the highway ditch.


key dates for hay salvage

July 8 - Up to and including this day, a landowner or lessee nearest to a highway ditch has the first opportunity to cut hay


After July 8 - Hay can be cut and baled on a first-come,

first-serve basis.  The nearest landowner's permission is not required after this date


August 8 - All hay bales must be removed from ditches

or they may be removed and disposed of at

the ministry's discretion


After August 8 - Bales must be removed immediately following haying operations

ministry offices

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