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taxes and assessment



Taxes are levied in early August of each year,

and are due December 31.



Discounts for early payment of municipal and hail taxes are as follows:

If paid by August 31 - 6%

If paid by September 30 - 5%

If paid by October 31 - 4%

If paid by November 30 - 2%

The discount does not apply to the school portion of your taxes.

Taxes paid after December 31 of the year in which they were levied are subject to a penalty of 0.75% per month.

payment methods

The following payment methods are accepted for taxes,

accounts receivable, and general payments:


Debit card (at the RM office)

Cash (at the RM office)

Telpay (for existing Telpay customers)

Online through Conexus Credit Union:

search for "Sutton" in the bill payees and enter your

customer number (found at the top of your tax notice)

with enough zeros to create a ten-digit account number

e.g. Customer #55 = Acct #0000000055

Please do not pay your taxes via Interac e-transfer

Beginning in 2021, ratepayers will have the option to receive their tax notices by email. 


If you would like to sign up for paperless tax notices,

please fill out and sign this Email Consent Form

and return it to

Property taxes are calculated based on a percentage of a property's total assessment, as follows:

Agricultural - 55%

Non-Arable Agricultural - 45%

Residential (including seasonal residential) - 80%

Commercial/Industrial (including railways, elevators) - 85%

The RM of Sutton uses a Mill Rate Factor of 2.0 to calculate taxes on commercial and industrial properties

The municipal mill rate for 2021 is 7.0

The education property tax mill rates for 2022 are:

Agricultural - 1.42

Residential - 4.54

Commercial/Industrial - 6.86

Resource - 9.88



Assessment notices are sent out in April to all ratepayers whose assessment has changed since the previous year.

Ratepayers may appeal their assessment if they believe there has been an error in the assessed value, the classification of the property, the contents of the assessment roll,

or the assessment notice.  Appeals must be made within 30 days (60 days in a revaluation year) of the mailing of

the assessment notice.  More information on appealing an assessment can be found on,

or by contacting the municipal office. 

Property assessment is performed by the Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA).  Visit their website for information on how property is assessed, how to view your assessment online, and more.

SAMAView is a useful tool for viewing your property assessment and details. 

Public users can register for a free account.

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